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  3. Sonic the Hedgehog #262 Cover

    Sonic the Hedgehog #262 Cover

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    So now we’ve got



    Buffles andimage


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  6. So Sonic Pairings?

    Okay, so I’m just going to get this out of my system. I’m having an itch to draw some Sonic pairing stuff, and having some time on my hands. So any suggestions?

    These’ll probs be sketches or inks. 

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  7. Anonymous said: What are some bad habits do you think sonic struggles with the most?

    Well, being patient with others, thinking rationally, and trying to take things seriously. I mean at times I feel like Tails is always much more mature than him. 

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  8. Person: Aren’t you too old for Sonic? 


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  9. Seriously people, I like questions. Make my askbox a fun thing to look at. 

    Also, there really hasn’t been anything like MAJOR major going on in Sonic but I will answer some questions.

    Live/action Sonic movies? Bad idea. ESPECIALLY is they try to make it more mature like the Ninja Turtles. But whoever does it….I hope the fights are freakin’ great. 

    Ken Penders ripping off Knuckles? The man is close to broke now, don’t poke the tiger after you’ve won. As a person who will screech for creative rights to IP til the end of time, I still think that he should’ve thought of the implications of his lawsuit actions. And yes, Lara-Su was awesome, and Julie-Su was a nearly 20 year old staple of the series.

    E3? Nintendo won, because they actually had gameplay and playable women in their showcase…however I still want to see more Sunset Overdrive. 

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  10. Anonymous said: Besides running, what do you think sonic would like to do to pass time?

    IDK, personally, I think of him being like super chill and poking fun at his friends. Since I’m a fan of the comics, hopefully trying to fix his rather dysfunctional relationship with Sally as well. 

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  11. Some derpness I did. 

    Some derpness I did. 

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The bluest of fucks?



    The bluest of fucks?

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